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Gunnery Sergeant Asher "Sarge" Mahonin

Kill them all. Let God sort them out.

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Name:Asher "Sarge" Mahonin
Marine and leader of the RRTS.

He's a hard headed man who sees his squad as his family and he won't hesitate to put them in their place. Though he does have a fondness for John "Reaper" Grimm.

Men in his squad

Staff Sergeant John "Reaper" Grimm - His right hand man.

Sergeant Gregory "Duke" Schofield - The man is obsessed with two things - girls and games. He is the best friend of Destroyer.

Sergeant Gannon "Destroyer" Roark - Heavy weapons specialist. His best friend is Duke.

Private First Class Katsuhiko Kumanosuke "Mac" Takahashi - Technical expert

Private Mark "The Kid" Dantalian - Youngest and newest member of the squad.

Corporal Dean Portman - One man of the squad that loves to talk trash.

Corporal Eric "Goat" Fantom Senior member of the squad who is rather religious. Refuses to take the Lord's name in vein and if he does, he does a bit of self harm by adding a cross into his skin.

[Sarge is NOT mine. He is from the movie DOOM. This journal is for play only. No profit is being made. Also, Dwayne owns himself or so I'd hope. Some posts will be before he's turned and others after. It all depends on the mun's mood. More about Sarge can be found here. Muse and mun 18+]
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